“I just wanted to drop you a note of thanks for your outstanding & professional services. Certainly, without your guidance and expertise, I never would have been able to come anywhere close to the incredible resume you created for me.

Additionally, the people that you have surrounded yourself with, specifically Martin & Joanne, were of tremendous value in helping me define my search, career direction and resume content. As I mentioned to you, when I was speaking with Joanne, I was struggling to explain what I do everyday. Before I could articulate it, she had the concept developed completely. Extremely impressive. Martin was invaluable in helping me recognize the brand value that exists in each one of us internally, encouraging me to be creative with my career.

Debbie, it was truly a privilege working with you and your staff. Although pulling the data together to create the resume was exhausting, the document produced in the end is worth every bit of effort that we put in. I love my resume!

For the executive space that we compete in, writing a resume is something that is best left to the pros. ‘Don’t try this at home!’”

Sales Executive, Atlanta GA

“My experience working with the Phoenix Career Group was unequivocally positive. Debbie Ellis and her team are consummate professionals operating with a mission, if not a true passion, for helping their clients. I felt a sense of strength and confidence having Phoenix in my corner, and the results have been overwhelmingly positive and well beyond my expectations. Phoenix took my dated and uninspired resume and quickly created a document that executive recruiters have uniformly described as “highly impressive” and “compelling”. Furthermore, the help they provided getting my information distributed to target recruiters paid for itself in multiples, as I received scores of calls regarding new opportunities. Another aspect that distinguishes Phoenix from other outfits I was originally considering is its “pay for performance” approach. Phoenix will move with you only as far as you need them, and will not try to sell you or charge you for things that you don’t need. My experience with the Phoenix has made it a partner for life, and I expect to maintain this partnership through the course of my remaining career.”

CFO, Denver CO

“Thank you for capturing the very best “me” there is. Not only do I like the guy you wrote about (I’d hire him in a heartbeat!), but I recognize him as the guy who lives in my mirror. Thanks from me and all those who meet me through the power of your words.”

Independent Business Operations Consultant, Detroit MI

“It has been my pleasure to work with your group, Debbie. I even got a call back today from a recruiter for a Fortune 500 company who got your resume. Keep up the good work – unemployment will drop to zero. Please put me on your network list if you want to for references; I’m happy to share.”

“I will touch-base with you soon. Once again, you did an outstanding, professional job.”

Executive Director of Marketing, Washington DC

“While you and I were working on my resume, I found a consultant doing what I wanted to be doing. He said he’d get a copy of my resume to his company’s recruiter. I sent him a copy of my old resume and heard nothing back from him. When you completed my new power resume, I contacted him again saying, ‘here’s my new updated resume, hope to hear from you soon.’ Within an hour I had an email, voice mail, and call to my home phone from him looking for me. He actually said, ‘I just couldn’t give my recruiter your resume. It wasn’t focused on anything we could use, but your new resume is exactly what I was hoping for, ok if I sent it to my recruiter?’ That same day I heard from the recruiter. I’ve just finished ten days of training with the company and accepted a position with them as Senior Business Consultant. It was just what I wanted. The two resumes were about me. Mine focused on where I had worked. Ours was a beacon lighting up my accomplishments. It got their attention immediately. Thanks for a wonderful experience.

I’ve already given your name to two people currently searching for their dream job. Thanks for helping me get mine.”

Senior Business Consultant, Orange County CA

“You have done a tremendous job on my resume and cover letter. I want to thank you for such diligent work and such a quick turn around. Your work is exceptional, and I look forward to working with you again in the future as the need arises. Please pass on to your membership that they were tremendous in turning these products into world class documents.Your help was invaluable and well presented. Keep up the good work and your customers will remain loyal and your rewards will be well deserved.”

Senior Engineering Manager, Colorado Springs CO

“I found myself in the job market as a result of a downsizing by my employer with no updated resume on hand. My employer provided outplacement services that included resume writing. I put together a resume based on their recommendations but was not happy with the result. Looking around the bookstore and the Internet, I found some updated resume formats and made changes to the standard resume format suggested by the outplacement firm. I placed this updated resume on the internet but still had no responses. As a result, I came to the conclusion that it was time to hire a professional.

After careful research and comparison, I selected the Phoenix Career Group. We worked well together and they put together a resume that I was very pleased with. I put this resume out on some job boards and the very next day I had a phone interview. I know this opportunity was the direct result of the new document because some of the information we discussed was contained only within the updated resume. My only wish is that I would have had partnered with the professionals at the Phoenix Career Group sooner.”

CFO, Atlanta GA

“I would like you to thank you for the professional resume writing services provided to me by your firm during my first stages of a career transition. I must admit that I was initially hesitant about using any professional service since I feel my own research and writing skills would have ensured the proper results. However, I am happy to say that as I compare my original with your work it is quite apparent that I have avoided a big, probably quite costly mistake.

Since beginning the circulation of my new documents one week ago, I have received two important responses to my contacts; a far higher rate of interest than with my originals.

Feel free to use this thank-you acknowledgment as a general reference for others who are considering your services. I will be happy to promote the following key attributes of working with the Phoenix Career Group:

  • Courtesy was always extended to me
  • Non-aggressiveness to closing the deal allowed me to gather my thoughts
  • Highest degrees of professionalism were maintained throughout the entire process
  • Thoroughness was more than I expected
  • We were in constant communication
  • The result was right in line with my high expectations

In closing, I thank you again for your effort, and encourage anyone who is considering your service to use my comments as confirmation that working with your company is the right decision.”

COO, Director of Business Development, Miami FL

“I have to say you exceeded all my [very high] expectations.”

Marketing Executive, Houston TX

“Thank you for all of your assistance. My theory is that the sole purpose of a resume is to get a person in the door. I’ve submitted for more than 1,000 positions (I’m not exaggerating) over the past 18 months. I never received a call (besides a couple for contract positions from recruiters). Within a month of submitting the new resume to my target employer, several calls came in and I received a very attractive offer!”

Director IT, Sacramento California

“The [MCI] Human Resource Director, Jerry, made a comment I want to pass along to you as it underscores the importance of a professional initial presentation. Jerry told me in passing, that from the eighty resumes they had received, they selected only three, of which mine was one.

When I first shared my resume with my husband, I told him that it wasn’t at all the way I would have prepared it. His response was that that was exactly why a person who is making a career change should always go to a professional to help “market themselves.” He compared resume self-preparation to a physician treating himself or a lawyer acting as his own representative. We all know that is foolish.”

VP Operations, Brooksville FL

“I have taken a position as Vice President of a US joint venture in Shanghai… with a great deal of potential and new products coming out. Thanks for your excellent efforts on the cover letter and resume. They were well received by all.”

Agribusiness Executive, Gaithersburg MD

Recent Distribution Results

“I wanted to let you know just how incredible and results-oriented your work is. I now have an interview with Spencer Stuart for an executive position with Dell Computers. I also have an interview with Federal Express for an executive position. Both of these came to me from phone calls I received from recruiters in response to your mailing. Thank you!”

COO, Philadelphia PA

“They called me! Thank you so much for the awesome work and for getting me into these highly successful companies. I will keep you updated on the interview process.”

CTO, Irvine CA

“Just to let you know: I have received 7 responses expressing interest in my background. I have had two first interviews from amongst these. Thank you! I’ll keep you posted.”

VP, Charlotte NC

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