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pic-sailboatEven in today’s challenged economy, there are many opportunities. You can uncover them – or create them – if you design and execute a strategic career marketing campaign. You can depend on our expertise to help you define and articulate your unique value in your resume (see examples of resumes), cover letters (see example cover letters), and career search meetings. To help you beat your competition, we’ll teach you highly effective search, networking, interview and salary negotiation strategies.

Position yourself for success by investing in our career services – delivered by industry-leading, nationally certified resume writers, career coaches, and resume distribution experts.

Phase I – Core Services

Executive Brand and Campaign Design Coaching

Define and polish your message and strategy for search; foundational to the writing and planning process. You will cover the following areas:

  • Current Status Analysis: “Who you are / Where you are / Where you fit in today’s aggressively competitive market place”
  • Goal Setting: “Where you want to be”
  • Identify: “Who are your most likely customers, and what are they buying”
  • Where: “How you will find and make contact with them”

Strategic Resume Development

Includes consultation, comprehensive planning worksheets, and all writing, editing, and revisions. You will find the worksheets to be foundational to all other project components including cover letters, addenda, and interview preparation. Your investment reflects the value of the process and the resume.

Phase II – Peripheral Services

Add one or more of the following documents to complete and differentiate your personal marketing library.

Executive Leadership Addendum

Entitled “Critical Leadership Initiatives” and focusing on four or five career defining accomplishments, this addendum showcases critical skills in a way a resume can’t. It has tremendous functionality and can be used with or without the resume depending on the situation – as a portfolio-type presentation for top positions, a networking tool, or as an interview leave-behind.

Project Addendum

A project addendum is another flexible document suitable for information critical to your personal marketing presentation but too much for your more concise resume presentation.

Content typically includes highlights and performance metrics of top projects (excellent for consultants or project managers). Other content might include quotes on performance from peers, bosses, clients, and/or vendors; extensive information on education / continuing education; lists of presentations and/or publications; even a personal mission statement discussing your leadership vision and management style.

Executive Biography

An executive bio is an essential component of a top executive’s personal marketing library. Bios are necessary for inclusion in your HR file, corporate core management team profile, media kits, informal personal and professional networking (in lieu of resume), and as an add-on to a cover letter where a resume would not be appropriate.

Top recruiters will often write a bio for use as a presentation tool to their client company. They will be thrilled to know that you already have one, and yours, with your clear ROI proposal and personal brand clarity, will be of far better quality than what a recruiter can normally produce.

Executive Summary

A “mini resume”, an executive summary is another, highly flexible marketing document that can introduce a multi-page resume / addendum, be an effective stand-alone networking piece, work in tandem with the resume addendum to create a marketing document that is less formal than a resume, or accompany a networking or cover letter when a full resume would not be appropriate. A concise networking tool.

Cover Letters

A cover letter can make or break your resume. It is the advertisement for your value and it guides the reader to find in the resume what you want him to know most about you. It is also the place that your personality and suitability for a particular position can be best described. A broadcast letter is designed to be easily individualized by you for direct company contact, recruiters, ads, and networking. Custom letters for specific opportunities are also available; please ask for details.

Value Proposition Proposal Letters

Did you know that according to classic job research by Mark Granovetter of Harvard, 43.3 percent of unadvertised positions are created for the applicant? Researching and directly targeting your ideal companies is one of the proven techniques for finding the best jobs and gaining the most compensation. Getting face time with a decision maker and delivering an irresistible value proposition based on understanding of need and solutions to a company’s problems will place you in the most successful group of job seekers.

Phase III – Optional Services

Optional services to drive the efficiency of your campaign.

Job Search Strategy & Interview Coaching with Martin Yate

Universally acclaimed career guru, Martin Yate (author of the NY Times bestselling annual career series Knock ‘em Dead), will help you, one-on-one, to better understand the issues impacting your own job change and career management initiatives in a world where, to survive, you must have clear and actionable plans in place: plans of attack, plans for defense and plans for growth.

Acting as your personal guide and mentor, Martin will help you design and implement state-of-the art job search and interview strategies – embracing both your immediate goals and long-term concerns – that will drive the professional credibility and visibility inherent in successful transition and executive career management.

Personal Coaching

To increase the efficiency and maximize the outcome of your transition, one-on-one personal coaching is available for (including but not limited to) strategic search and execution, document positioning, brand statement development, interview preparation, powerful in-person and online networking, campaign troubleshooting, offer and salary negotiation, onboarding, and long-term career control management. Coaching sessions will be scheduled at your convenience – hourly, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. We work at your pace and there is no minimum investment or program. There will be some preliminary foundational work you must accomplish, and there is an expectation that you will meet jointly-determined action plan assignments to keep you progressing toward your goals.

      Database Development and Electronic Distribution (Email or paper campaign)

Distribution to select recruiters, companies, and / or Venture Capital groups who are most likely to be looking for you is a proven method of contact. Quite unlike a typical “resume blast”, your database content will be very specifically targeted and based on your unique preferences and project parameters.

Reference Checking

Ever wondered what your references are telling potential employers? It can make all the difference in the world to know who will say what. Our partners have performed thousands of background checks for hiring companies, and can provide you with this same, highly strategic and informative service.

ASCII & PDF Conversions

A necessary staple in the electronic job market, resumes must be reformatted for successful transmission and scanning into resume databases. The conversions are included in your resume investment.

Future Resume Updates

As you gain experience in your new position and/or move to new ones, you should always keep your resume up to date. Once we have prepared your portfolio, updates are easy. When we have the new information, at a modest hourly rate we will refresh your profile and keywords, include the new position(s) and responsibilities, and reformat to maintain correct pagination.

Interview Preparation

Often the interview begins with, “Tell me about yourself?” Do you know how to answer? Out of practice? Need expert feedback? We can boost your confidence and increase your control by ensuring that you are prepared for the tough questions and the types of interview situations you may encounter. We’ll also cover follow-up methods to get the offer and decision-making models.

Salary Negotiation

Are you being pressed to disclose your salary requirements early in the process? Do you know how to politely defer discussions of salary until you get the offer? Deserve a raise? Do you know your market value? Compensation is an important part of career satisfaction – we’ll teach you not to leave money on the table.

Please call me. In Texas, I observe Central Time, and am normally in my office between the hours of 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday. If you wish to speak with me outside normal business hours, please send me an email … we will arrange to meet at your convenience. You’ll find me at

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