Code of Ethics

Endorsed by the Career Management Alliance and the Phoenix Career Group

Phoenix Career Group members strictly bind themselves to this professional code in all work with clients, colleagues, and the public:

Personal and Professional Ethical Practices & Behaviors. PCG members will always act in an honest, ethical, and trustworthy manner befitting our long-earned reputations as respected, world-class careers industry professionals.

Client, Employee & Employer Confidentiality. PCG members will at all times respect the highest confidentiality protocols. Members will at no time release personal or proprietary information without the consent of its owner or owners.

Information Dissemination. PCG members pledge to provide the best information possible to clients, employees, associates, colleagues, employers and the general public.

Contractual Obligations. PCG members honor all copyrights, trademarks, service marks, and other legally binding agreements.

Public and Community Outreach. PCG members strive to educate the public by writing and speaking wherever and whenever possible to help others achieve rewarding careers, teams of dedicated employees, or both.

Client, Employee & Employer Service. PCG members strive to provide every client, employee and/or employer the best possible service, treat each with respect, and should it be required, will refer those whose needs exceed the our professional expertise to other qualified professionals.

Pro Bono. PCG members provide pro bono services to deserving clients whenever possible as part of our professional activities.

Continuing Professional Development. PCG members pledge to continue in our professional development to ensure that we can offer informed guidance to clients, employees and/or employers, and the public reflecting the latest developments and most effective strategies in the careers field.

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