Quick Tips for Negotiating Your New Salary

Very good information. Complete article here: http://money.usnews.com/money/blogs/outside-voices-careers/2013/05/08/11-tips-for-negotiating-your-next-job-offer


Always be enthusiastic about the offer. If the employer doesn’t think you want the job, they may be less likely to want you. And smile.

Negotiate with the right parties. Know who has the final budget authority and who has the power to negotiate. This may or may not be human resources.

Be confident. Remember, the company has invested time and manpower in this process and it does not want to start over unless it has to. It is up to you to remind your potential employers of the problems you will solve.

Use your company research and inside information. If you know the company has made exceptions in its vacation policy or has been flexible with other benefit offerings, use this to your advantage.

Begin with cash compensation/salary first. If you can secure your desired salary, be willing to make compromises on other items you want to negotiate.

Shhhh … Wait for them to answer. There’s an old saying, she who talks first loses. When you make your request or pose a question, do not talk. Wait for their response.

What will you give in return? Negotiating your job offer isn’t just about your needs and wants. Be sure you remind the employer about your value.

Be realistic. Don’t be greedy or naive, base your negotiation on your skills and the level of job for which you are applying.

Leave your emotions outside. This is a business transaction. Do not let your pride, fear, uncertainty or any other emotion impact what you say or do. 

Be prepared to walk away. If the deal doesn’t meet your expectations in any of the areas important to you, know when to walk away from the table.

Get it in writing. When all is said and done, be sure you get the agreed terms in writing BEFORE you accept the offer.


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